improving kid's health, 

one child at a time.


Well Child Clinic nursing staff

Well Child Clinic's wonderful nursing staff:

Each enjoys working with kids and helping families.

Diane Wolf, LPN, Pam Leto, LPN,

and Donna Lentz, RN & WCC Nurse Coordinator 


Dr. Teresa Smith

Medical Director

Judy Marbach, RN

Executive Director

Well Child Clinic's LOGO

What to bring?

Please bring your immunization card.

Judy Marbach, RN Executive Director, photo
Dr. Teresa Smith Medical Director, photo

Directions to Clinic

Go south from the Monument Circle toward Dominoes pizza; The community center building (old high school) is on your left. Park and come up to third floor to Well Child Clinic.

Our healthcare Staff

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for the children's healthcare , free clinic.

CALL  260-665-2403

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Well Child Clinic,

Angola, Indiana